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Bill The Butcher
WON 14/1
WON 15/2
WON 10/1
WON 12/1
Highland Chief
WON 20/1

A few more of our winners...

  • Wonderful Tonight WON 4/1 (Adv 11/2)
  • Mishal Star WON 11/4
  • Search for a Song WON 7/1
  • Cayenne Pepper WON 3/1 (Adv 13/2)
  • Rhythmic Intent WON 10/3 (Adv 6/1)
  • Hukum WON 4/1
  • Hochfeld WON 15/2 (Adv 10/1)
  • Makram WON 7/1
  • Tabdeed WON 4/1 (Adv 9/1)
  • Bill The Butcher WON 14/1
  • Barbill WON 15/2
  • Highland Chief WON 20/1
  • Hukum WON 12/1
  • Restorer WON 10/1
  • Brad The Brief WON 3/1
  • Chosen Mate WON 7/2
  • Saint Roi WON 11/2
  • Shishkin WON 6/1
  • Epatante WON 2/1
  • El Hombre WON 8/1
  • Liosduin Bhearna WON 6/1 (Adv 10/1)
  • Billingsley WON 7/2
  • Downtown Getaway WON 7/2
  • Ballyoptic WON 8/1 (adv 10/1)
  • Young Fire WON 6/1
  • Dolos WON 7/2
  • Simply The Betts WON 11/2 (Adv 7/1)
  • Paddleyourowncanoe WON 11/4
  • Commanding WON 13/2
  • Skanbiburg WON 3/1 (Adv 9/2)
  • Copperhead WON 3/1
  • Redford Road WON 14/1
  • Deyrann De Carjac WON 16/1
  • Doctor Dex WON 9/1 (Adv 7/1)
  • Technician WON 5/1
  • Lord North WON 9/2 (Adv 6/1)
  • Bear Force One WON 13/2
  • Caradoc WON 5/1
  • Praxeology WON 9/2
  • Blue De Vega WON 6/1 (ADV 10/1)

What our members say

"I had all the Saturday recommendations on singles and did have a treble and four fold bet but unfortunately chose some of the horses in the text bets in my selections that were shorter prices, thinking they may be more likely.. I have subscribed to A Racingfirst since end of July and I'm delighted with the overall service received and quality of the tips and commentary of the considerations/reasoning for the selections made. Where you have several selections with a high'ish level of confidence it would be even better to perhaps suggest a treble, four fold or banker bet etc.. However, as stated when I joined I think it far better to do as you do, and only make a limited number of high quality selections each week. Keep up the excellent work. Hope you enjoyed some good returns of your own on Saturday”
"Hi i did have raising sand 20/1 and glenys the menace 10/1 in a nice double. Great News Ray, a 200/1 Double helps ?” Nice one."
Ray Small
“Thanks for todays info,i put them in a patent and 3 nice winners especialy capitaine 9/1 winner.”
"Hi guys, Just want to thank you guys for a really good Royal Ascot. Well done."

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